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We deployed and tested a robust hybrid persistent architecture for big data analytics, able to ingest, store, manage, enrich, and perform cutting edge analytics on huge amounts of data fast.

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Client Profile

Large telecom enterprise offering fixed-line and mobile telephony, broadband services, pay television and integrated Information and Communications Technology (ICT), employing more than 22,000 FTEs.


The client aims to integrate and validate methodologies to aggregate, query, monitor and analyze heterogenous data using a hybrid data store.


By collaborating with our client, we carried out the following action items to maximise the Return on Investment of this architecture solution:

  • deployed & tested cloud infrastructure for robustness and scalability

  • evaluated its machine learning & analytics capabilities

  • set up rigorous watchdogs to monitor its performance and raise relevant alerts.

Our elegant analytics application gave the client real-time insights into performance metrics of their applications.


The client now understands and controls a technology asset,

  • confident that it is robust and scalable,

  • with full access to the performance of the cloud solution and the relevant virtual machines at work,

  • while enabling new efficient analytics and machine learning capabilities.

We transformed this technology asset into a reliable information store, which can be used to turn collected data into a powerful business arsenal. The client is now able to employ a more effective strategy to proactively address problems pertaining to its applications.

The number of advanced predictive analytics use cases with this technology are unlimited. Having a robust infrastructure with efficient machine learning capabilities, the client can now leverage its huge amounts of data, and extract from it as much value as possible, in a fast and reliable way.