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We built a scalable HIPAA and GDPR compliant cloud platform for real time monitoring and analysis of breathing patterns. First end-users were doctors and healthcare practitioners attending to patients with severe cases of COVID-19.

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Client Profile

MyAir is a medical device company that develops non-invasive respiratory sensors.


The MyAir team is building a cost effective and accurate solution for long term remote patient management for home and hospital settings, focusing on remote sleep and chronic respiratory disease monitoring.

When the pandemic broke out, the company pivoted its efforts to help combat the COVID virus. The client wanted to help optimize the use of limited resources such as ventilators as well as medical assistance to serve high risk individuals; and make some necessary advancements in the field of Telemedicine.

The client’s objective was to direct all its resources on providing actionable therapeutic insight into acute respiratory episodes related to COVID-19.


By collaborating with our client, we pinpointed the key performance indicators of the project: speed, platform security, data reliability and accuracy.

Speed: clinical trials with patients in the ICU were underway and doctors using the devices needed a platform they could use to monitor their patients live, remotely and reliably

Security: we are working with sensitive patient data, where safety of personal information is key

Reliability: unscheduled downtimes are high-risk when doctors are relying on the signal to monitor patients

Accuracy: there is no room for error when generating biological metrics that will guide doctors' decisions

We Built
  • an automated HIPAA & GDPR compliant infrastructure. The system is robust, fast, and scalable, and stores & processes patient data with the highest security and privacy standards.

  • a real time analytics platform that processes live signals as well as historical data, and allows for live calculations to derive insights out of the raw data.

  • insightful and powerful dashboards for doctors to monitor breath patterns and biological calculations in real time.


Within our first two week timeframe, the client was able to prove the real medical value to doctors and professionals in the field, in times of dire need to come up with new solutions.

Thanks to the speed and reliability of the delivery, the client has been able to accelerate the device release and deploy remote monitoring for covid patients in various hospitals in the USA and Italy during Covid.